Bettina Doninelli
Bettina DoninelliUl Padrun
Bettina, born in Austria, a country with great tradition and with an excellent reputation in the art of receiving guests, already as a girl dreamt to be engaged in this sector, getting to know this world behind the scenes .Languages have to be learnt, training in hotel management has to be completed and experience in different roles and houses has to be attained.
Also patience has to be learned, a family is established and three children are accompanied to adulthood, the hidden dream of running the own hotel remains until now that the opportunity arises:
A structure with a manageable size with a perfect number of rooms, an object which promises to be a jewel.


Aline Leite Da Silva
Aline Leite Da SilvaFront Office - Accounting & HR
Anna Sollberger
Anna SollbergerFront office - Sales & Marketing
Sara Gomes
Sara GomesFront Office
Alexandra Hardij
Alexandra HardijFront Office


Simone Lacaria
Simone LacariaExecutive Chef
Davide Cancellier
Davide CancellierJunior sous-chef
Garnik Sargsyan
Garnik SargsyanChef
Lorenzo Insalata
Lorenzo InsalataChef
Tina Manenti
Tina ManentiPatisserie
Nathaniel Livi
Nathaniel LiviChef apprentice
Gustavo Vilela
Gustavo VilelaKitchen help
Atik Hadri
Atik HadriKitchen help


Massimo Scotto di Vetta
Massimo Scotto di VettaMaître
Dagoberto Basilico
Dagoberto BasilicoDemi-Maître
Manuel Sestito
Manuel SestitoBarman
Tünde Nagy
Tünde NagyWaitress
Shirley Di Nardo
Shirley Di NardoWaiter


Leonor Duarte
Leonor DuarteHousekeeping manager