The hotel La Tureta was born from the idea of mixing the style of a local past with new comfort and environmental protection. Thanks to new ecological-building technologies with materials such as wood for fixtures and structures, cellulose and rock wool for roof and wall insulation, the hotel energy management focuses on the philosophy of ecological sustainability.

As a Fair Trade Hotel we make use of environmental friendly materials, renewable energy and use only certified eco-products for cleaning and washing in-house laundry.

Due to the integration of a new modern wing to the architecture of the 18th-century Scalabrini Palace, the hotel is equipped with a modern home automation system in each room to ensure optimal temperature control, high air quality, safety and high environmental comfort performance. All this is managed by a combined  system of solar panels and heat pumps that minimize the energy impact on the environment while still allowing the perfect air conditioning of the rooms and all other areas oft he hotel.

Being able to choose the right climate for each place for the duration of your stay but at the same time to be aware that each gesture or service of our team  has respect for the environment –that is the path that leads from the beauty of the past to the practical advantages of the future.

Our cuisine is refined and of high quality and we offer a creative and innovative new interpration of traditional dishes of our region and the region of Lombardia. We cook with fresh, seasonal and regional products. Inspired by the four elements of the nature, we invite you on a special culinary journey with us!

The secret of our water is… it is locally sourced! It is from Giubiasco and is cooled, filtered and CO2 is added with a special, SSIGA  certified  purifier.  This  way  we  can  avoid  the  transportation   of  huge  quantities  of  water  and  the  unnecessary production of plastic.

Our Masaba  coffee  originates  from a Swiss project in Uganda,  where 7000 farmers learn to grow a coffee of excellence. Through the fragrance of a coffee cup, we offer our guests a taste of Africa. In the meantime, surrounded by volcaones, lakes andjungles, the work of a lot of small entrepreneurs is shaping a better future.