Bellinzona History and Nature

Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino, is the place that connects a history made of excellence to unspoiled nature that stands out among mountains and alpine lakes, between blue, green and gray rock waters up to the white snow on the peaks.

Bellinzona is a dip in the Middle Ages between the cobbled streets and the squares of reassuring memory, with its castles, a World Heritage Site: from the Castelgrande castle with a scenic wall that from its nickname “Turrita” descends to the city and castles of Montebello and Sasso Corbaro merging with each other in a superb engineering design.

An itinerary between taste and tourism with the typical cuisine of those places where tradition is infected with adaptations and never with changes, where even the city has a symbol imprinted on typical sweets.

In Bellinzona, there are also the annually recurring festivals and events, such as the RABADAN, the famous Ticino Carnival, where the music and masks  occupy the city for a week long. Or the weekly  Saturday market, the medieval festival Spada nella Rocca and the PerBacco wine harvest festival.

Out  from the buzzing bustle of the city and its festivities into the timeless quiet  surrounding valleys. The peaceful mountain landscape is balm for the soul, enables one to refuel and is worth every exhausting climb.

Bellinzona is titled Fair Trade